Club Competition Results 2017


Roger Ste

Pat H and Robert L

Roger Ste, Dave C, and Pat H

Congratulations to all players above, please see the match report below


Thank you to all members that turned up to watch the Club Finals, a disappointing number, but l was told on the night that several members were on holiday.  Thanks again for braving the cold, probably the coldest night we have had in the hall.

All the finals were played over 9 ends on the same mat, with 2 trial ends.

The pairs final was first between Bob T,  Dave C   against   Robert L, Pat H.  The first four ends saw Bob & Dave with a four nil lead and Robert was struggling to find the right weight, bowling short, however from end 5 the tables turned, Pat was consistently close to the jack and Robert found his weight, from that point Bob & Dave didn’t win another end, the final score being 11 – 4

The singles final was between Roger Ste and Robert L.  Robert stormed to a 6 – 2 lead by the 4th end.  Both players were playing well, Robert elected for a short jack for the first four ends, so on the fifth end with Roger in possession of the jack he opted for a long jack, meaning thereafter Robert did not win another end and the final score was 10 – 6 to Roger.

A 15 minute break was held for hot tea and cold mince pies before the triples finals

The triples final was between Roger Ste, Dave C, Pat H  against  Bob T, Chris Bu, Gordon G (battling the whole night with a terrible cold).
By end 5 Rogers team were leading 6 – 1 and although Bobs team were playing well they did not get the rub of the green, several times promoting  the oppositions woods.  Chris has a new  mantra it’s “I don’t know what to do” but she was presented with some heads that gave her little options.  Bobs team won 1 shot on three ends leaving a final score of 10 – 3 to Rogers team.

The prizes were awarded the Club Chairman,  Alan High, and in tradition with previous years trophies were replaced with alcoholic beverages in a shiny bag.

I hope next year whoever is running the club competitions, see all the members entering, which wasn’t the case this year.  Remember this is the club that gives you your bowling all year round, so you should give it your full support>

Well done to the winners

Dave C
Club Captain



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